All we do is mailing, and because of this, we can save you time and money.

You save time because we do all of the work to get your mailing processed. Our high speed printers, folders, letter inserters, wafer sealing, and addressing make quick work of your job. This means that your mails gets to the post office sooner than if you did it yourself. Because we barcode each mailpiece, the post office delivers it faster and charges less for postage.
The post office offers a lower postage rate to customers that are willing to mail a minimum number of pieces per mailing, and that agree to 'pre-process' the mail, according to the post office standards. Performing this processing can be tricky, it requires specialized equipment, and an up-to-date understanding of the post office requirements. The rules can change monthly, so occasional mailers find it is hard to stay current.

The bottom line is that your mailing goes out, due to the lower postage, it doesn't cost any or much more than if you did everything yourself. This allows you to focus on things that matter to you and your business. You experience less Post Office related frustration, and preserves your finite resources for other tasks and projects.